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Olive Hickmott and Sian Goodspeed

Olive Hickmott has been working with Neurodivergent students for the past 24 years, using many tools.  She has literally helped people change their lives through insights from NLP, Energetic NLP and Neuroscience.  Almost all of these students are visual-spatial-learners, with exceptional visual skills, much needed in the world today.

Sian Goodspeed is an experienced teacher, founder of Be more giraffe and a home educating mother of two daughters. Sian discovered NLP in 2010 and, struck by its potential for enhancing children’s learning, embedded NLP strategies and tools into the Flying Start approach. Sian has also trained in Empowering Learning with Olive Hickmott, Nonviolent Communication (the inspiration for Be more giraffe) and has more recently been exploring the use of energy techniques in supporting Highly Sensitive and Neurodivergent children. Flying Start Tuition has won a number of awards for their different approach to tuition and Sian was a finalist in the 2021 'NLP in Education' category.

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