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Richard Bolstad

NLP and Cognitive Clarity

Saturday 20th May - 09:00 - 12:30 (BST)

Top tip before attending Richard's session..."Read the book or articles on Cognitive Clarity"

Presentation details...

As an NLP Practitioner you know a lot about how to utilize what scientists call our natural cognitive biases (our tendency to match and mirror, and to alter our thinking and feeling based on familiarity or anchoring, and on submodality shifts).  


You also know how to persuade people of the possibility of change using what scientists would call logical fallacies. Both these processes are useful.


In this session I aim to help you identify when you are utilizing which biases and fallacies, and add the ability to unpack these and create decisions and models that correspond to the real world.


You will develop the ability to break free of conspiracy thinking, and avoid pseudoscientific claims and scams, and to help others who are struggling with these.


You will develop a new and empowering model that explains NLP and supports your clients to survive in a "post-truth" world.

Learning outcomes...
  • Identify how specific NLP change techniques utilize known cognitive biases, and when it’s appropriate to use them.  

  • Identify how the NLP language patterns (Metamodel, Milton Model, Sleight of Mouth) align with logical fallacies and the methodology for unpacking these fallacies. 

  • Structure your coaching/therapy sessions so as to elicit the logical fallacies and biases that limit your client, alter these by utilizing their biases and even utilizing logical fallacies, and finally check that they can walk clear-headed into their future with rational models of the world.  

  • Differentiate conspiracy theories from real conspiracies, and how to help people step out of conspiracy theories.

About Richard...

Richard Bolstad is a trained Psychotherapist, Registered Nurse, and a New Zealand trained Teacher.


The author of 14 books available in 12 different languages, he is also an NLP Master Trainer and a certified instructor of two schools of traditional Chinese exercise.


He runs crisis response training in earthquake and war zones, such as Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ukraine, Egypt, Japan etc

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