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Robbie Steinhouse

The Couples SCORE

Sunday 12th May - 16:00 (BST)

Top tip before attending Robbie's session...Robbie says "Check out the SCORE model on"

Presentation details...

The SCORE is an uber model of NLP created by Robert Dilts and Todd Epstein in the 1990s.  It gained a somatic interpretation with Judith Delozier’s Dancing Score. 


In presenting this process, Robbie draws on these influences but adds some key principles from the couple’s therapy work of Harville Hendrix, Terence Reale and Virginia Satir. 


You can use this process to heal and enhance relationships with couples or more generally with any relationship.  You can also use it on yourself, to help detect unhelpful patterns and how to navigate your way to greater sustainable success in relationships. 


NLP sometimes sees resources as coming from the individual but so often, it is powerful reactions created within relationships where the power of change is reality-tested.

Learning outcomes...
  • Learning a technique to manage and enhance relationship.

  • Awareness of repeated patterns of behaviour within relationship and techniques for positive change.    

  • What are your habitual reactions in relationship and how to manage them.    

  • Gaining greater empathy for your partner.    

  • A working understanding of the SCORE model.

About Robbie...

Robbie is one of Britain’s leading NLP trainers and coaches.  He delivers all of the training at NLP School in London and is also on the faculty at NLP University in California. 


In addition to being an NLP Master Trainer, he is also an ICF certified coach and his work ranges from delivering in-house leadership programmes to coaching private clients across the world. 


He has published five books and is a guest lecturer at University College London.

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