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Robbie Steinhouse

How to Build a Sustainable Business With NLP

Sunday 21st May - 09:00 - 12:30 (BST)

Top Tip before attending Robbie's session - 'I can't do' - be honest and identify 'what is the thing you're not doing?' Where does this sit within Dilts Logical Levels?

Presentation details...

This session will incorporate some of the key tools and principles from Robbie's books: Think Like an Entrepreneur; How to coach with NLP and Mindful Business Leadership.


What you will get from this session is:    


  • Some practical tips on how to build a sustainable business or coaching practice  

  • A comprehensive NLP style template you can use on a weekly basis to boost your planning, focus and drive

  • Robbie’s five-minute business plan, to determine how to give your business stronger ‘legs’    

  • Identify any limiting beliefs, often around sales and marketing, that may prevent you from achieving your business goals  

  • Some NLP coaching methods aimed at overcoming or mitigating limiting belief

Learning outcomes...
  • Build a fast and practical business plan    

  • How to access constructive criticism and reframe any negative inner voice    

  • Learn Robbie's 7 Parallel Model (influenced by Dilts Logical Levels and featured in Robbie's book Think Like an Entrepreneur) to use as an ongoing 'check list' to help facilitate the building a sustainable business  

  • Identify any limiting beliefs around specific business functions, especially around sales and marketing, with suggested work arounds.

About Robbie...

Robbie semi-retired from the businesses he founded in 1987 and started NLP School in 2002.


He is an NLPU and ANLP Accredited Master Trainer and ICF Certified Coach and author of various NLP orientated books.


He is on the faculty of Robert Dilts’ NLP University and teaches their annually in Santa Cruz, as well as presenting NLP and coaching across the world.

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