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Sharon Glasswell

Recycle Your Day - NLP Problem Solving Skills for Children, Parents, Teachers and Your Clients

Sunday 21st May - 09:00 - 10:30 (BST)

Top Tip before attending Sharon's session - "Watch the book on You Tube and be aware how you feel."

Presentation details...

This must-attend presentation will teach you, using a very simple children’s story, how to solve any problem using 4 easy “recycling” steps.


See if you can count how many NLP strategies and techniques are hidden in the “Recycling Bin” metaphor and you will realise how easy it is for your clients to let go of their emotional “trash” and discover their natural positive and critical thinking ability.  


We all have a bin, and we all have emotional trash, so why not learn how to turn  problems into a journey of constructive challenges and have fun along the way!

Learning outcomes...

Participants will learn how to use their NLP toolbox smoothly in conversation, as well as precisely in therapy and training.    


Adult Clients come to us because they are carrying burdens they no longer want, so they easily relate to  the metaphor and this creates immediate rapport between the client and Practitioner.  We all have a trash can, it’s only the content that is different. Trained NLP Professionals know that the content of the bin is just “stuff”, but to the client the content is their secondary gain - it’s important to them, even though they do not want it anymore, it’s hard to let go. This metaphor allows the client to realise the reality and make the decision that it’s time to empty the bin and let go of their problems quickly. 

I have found in over ten years worth of practising that my Clients move from Effect to Cause more quickly and enthusiastically using this metaphor.    


Child Clients come to us with problems from seemingly small events (that will eventually become the root cause of their adult self). Often the problems are so insignificant that they are overlooked by their carers at home and school.  


Participants of my presentation will learn how to spot these events and communicate with the child, parents and teachers to a positive outcome. The Recycling Bin becomes a “get out of jail free” card for adults, who can now explain to children how they can also make mistakes because they too have a bin.    


This presentation will bring together children, parents, teachers and unite them to become a team of problem solving coaches together.    


The presentation will include the following techniques, beliefs and values;  Metaphors The Unconscious Mind Perception is Projection  Internal Representation Predicates and Phrases (language) Cause and Effect Neuro Transmission Responsibility for Change 4 Steps to Learning Sensory Acuity NLP Principles for Success Sub Modalities Perceptual Positions Outcomes Strategies Anchoring Rapport Pattern Interrupt Conscious Unconscious Integration NLP Presuppositions Linguistic Presuppositions Reframing Pre-framing Mindread Belief Change Steps to an Achievable Outcome Smart Goals  

About Sharon...

Sharon Glasswell, Founder of “You The Conqueror”  NLP Master Practitioner, Trainer since 2012.  


By embedding NLP principles into her book Recycle Your Day Sharon is able to conversationalise real problem solving skills between children, schools and families, thus creating a stable community of positive humans who strive for excellence.

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