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Shelle Rose Charvet

Advanced Coaching Techniques

Sunday 14th May - 09:00 - 10:30 (BST)

Top Tip before attending Shelle's session - Review NLP Metaprograms & read the latest version of Words that Change Minds (50% new material and neuroscience research)

Presentation details...

More people than ever need coaches, mentors, therapists, and they each have an expert role to play.  


In this interactive session, you will try out strategies and techniques to help clients get out of stuck states, shift habits, and entertain new ideas and ways of being.    


Be prepared to try out the techniques and even add your own.    


This will be like an injection of high-energy session to ramp up your coaching skills. Bring along examples of your most challenging clients! I dare you! 

Learning outcomes...

You will get to try out explicit methods for helping people make the change they need:


  • How to open closed minds  

  • What are the Meta Programs of a stuck state  


  • Help clients get out of a stuck state  


  • How to know when your client is “done”  


As many as we have time for!

About Shelle...

Shelle is well-known as an international keynote speaker, trainer, coach and consultant.


She has been inducted into the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame.  


In our NLP community, she is known for her work with the NLP Meta Programs, LAB Profile and their applications in the workplace and for coaches and trainers.    


She is also known for her airplane jokes.

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