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2017 NLP International Conference

Presenting a session on mBIT for NLPers at the NLP Conference this year was the icing on the cake for me. It gave me the opportunity to share information and a model that has been so useful for me, with genuinely interested people who are taking proactive responsibility for their own continuing development.

The participants were interactive, engaged and positive throughout my session and I believe this was a theme consistently, from fellow presenters with whom I spoke. In fact so many people commented that the atmosphere across the whole conference three days was buzzing… lots of reunions with colleagues and friends I had not seen for a year or more and as importantly, making new connections too.

I guess learning is pretty important to all of us who attend and this year, there seemed to be such variety of speakers – both ‘tried and tested’ and new faces with new angles and information to share. I would highly recommend submitting a proposal for a presentation for next year’s conference, perhaps especially if you have not done so before – I love getting new perspectives!

The NLP conference committee also provided me with really great marketing tools that I could use in emails, on my website and social media to advertise that I was speaking and this made it even more worthwhile for me.

So heartfelt thanks to the ANLP team and the other volunteer organisers for making it so easy and such fun to present this year – I don’t know about you, but I’d love to speak again next year, so I’m off to draft my proposal now!

Reb Veal

By Reb Veale

NLP Trainer