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June 8, 2017



Of all the years I have been presenting and attending the NLP conference, April 2017 has to be up there with the best.


Yet if I were pushed to say what made these days stand out from the others I would say it was more of the feel of the event.


Yes it was well organised - plus communication before during and after was outstanding; but my enjoyment of these kind of events are more around look, feel and ambiance.


As soon as I entered the hotel conference area I was greeted with smiles and the sight of many happy people milling around.


I haven't really experienced that to the extent where it was present on this occasion.


As a presenter you want people in the room and the right people in the room!


For the first talk of the Saturday morning I wondered whether I would get enough people bothering to climb out of their beds to be immersed in a self development talk at breakfast time.


I felt completely honoured with a group of people that turned up. The amazing quality of listening and speaking that was present in the room made the journey, and my precious time absolutely worthwhile.


Another great facet of the conference was the quality and diversity of speakers. We had such range as a voice consultant, Rachel Coffey, to provocative therapy coaching with Jaap Hollander - to how to find your purpose in life by yours truly!


Then an amazing awards ceremony with exulted company and compared excellently by Joe Cheal.


Overal, I liked being there, could be myself and felt like talking and sharing my being with others who attended. 


Many thanks to the organisers who did a remarkable job.





Terry Elston,

NLP Trainer





















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