Presenter Experience Blog Series - Andy Coley

As a relative ‘newbie’ to the world of NLP, having been qualified as an NLP trainer for only a few years, it has been an exciting experience coming along to and finding out about what other people in the field have been doing with NLP. The Conference gives you the chance to mix with, talk to and model those who have been at the forefront of an exciting and evolving study into what makes us unique, complex and utterly compelling individuals.

This year was the second time I’d had the opportunity to present and exhibit alongside my friend and business partner Jo Wilson and only the third time I’d been to the NLP Conference.

This year I had the added excitement of being a member of the small organising committee, having volunteered my services to a slightly stunned Karen and Kash during the 2016 Conference.

As a new business in a well-established field we decided to share how we’re using NLP and our approach within the commercial and the healthcare sectors.

Our 2016 talk was entitled “Utilising Robert Dilts’ Neurological levels of change within business” and our 2017 talk was all about how we are “Utilising NLP and Clean Language to improve patient outcomes” through our work with clinical staff, organisations and CCGs.

As NLP Trainers and Confidence Experts we are used to speaking to 1000’s of people each year about the Power of NLP and so at the conference it is a real privilege to share our perspective on the tools and techniques alongside other NLP Professionals.

If you have something you feel the community would benefit from learning about, please submit a proposal, we’ve already put one in ourselves for the 2018 conference. You get the chance to market your involvement in the conference and this can further raise your profile with customers and clients.

Every day’s a school day and you come away from the NLP Conference feeling like you’ve absorbed a year’s supply of skill, passion and knowledge in just a few short days.

Andy Coley

NLP Trainer