Hypnotic Engagement of Corporate and Personal Clients

April 15, 2018

When I do business (and NLP World has over 20 blue chip clients), it really isn’t business as is normally expected.


I don’t tend to want to engage in business if the required amount of Hypnotic Engagement hasn’t been attained. Hypnotic Engagement with your Corporate and Personal clients is essential for bonding relationships that have the appropriate energy to make the magic - and of course results, happen.   


In NLP, we talk a lot about Rapport and the process of Matching and Mirroring, yet none of that works (or any skill sets) without the required brain wave length to engage a client on the deepest level possible. Simply put, if the energy of the relationship is not correct, no matching and mirroring will ever work.


In this workshop, I will show you how to change your vibrational conversation in the right way, for the right client (even blue chip companies), to make sure you get the bookings - and then get your trainings, workshops and sessions to always work in the desired way.  


We will look at your truthful intention of working with certain clients, delve into your purpose of being on the planet in the light of the work you do, plus how to use language to sort out whether you should be working with certain clients.


I have worked with as diverse clients such as The Functioning Family Therapy Group (FFT) in Brighton to The South Wales Police Force, to Mundipharma (pharmaceuticals) in South Africa. In each example, the decision makers inside each organisation has become a friend, over a long period of time.


By attending my session, you will understand the importance of energy in their practice and when to move onto closure in booking. Also the importance of sensory awareness of energy in each session, whether training or one-to-one.



By Terry Elston





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