Speakers Of Influence

April 15, 2018

Today the world of speaking is exploding. I have never seen so many live events running in my 27 years of doing business in the Personal Development space. Add to that the massive increase of easily producible and accessible videos on YouTube and this year’s proliferation of Facebook Live!


At no other time in history is the importance of your ability to speak and present so great. It will make or break your career or business. Delegates are no longer happy with “chalk and talk” style delivery. They are now demand to be entertained and it is so easy for them to compare you with others around the world to see how you shape up. This all happens before they have picked up the phone or sent you an email.


The opportunities are massive. As a therapist, coach, consultant or trainer you can now promote your services and products one to many to an international market.


What does it take to capitalize on this opportunity? You need to be a world class speaker, with phenomenal stage presence whether live or through the camera, and be able to influence on mass.


Now are there people who are naturals? Just born that way. Of course, there are just like with any other area of human endeavor. My question, way back in 1990, was “What do you do if you’re not a natural?” The reason for my question was that in no way shape or form was I a natural speaker or presenter. Yet I had a deep drive inside of me to become one.


This is where NLP came in. I love the promise of NLP. No matter what you want to do you can become as good as a natural. World class.


With presenting and speaking its more than a promise it’s a fact. In 1993 I attended my first NLP training and witnessed first-hand the power of NLP one to many. I had experienced it one to one, which was my reason for doing the training, and I was blown away with the power of it in a training setting. I decided there and then that I wanted to be a Master Trainer of NLP. This became a reality in 1996 and I started co-teaching with my mentor and trainer Tad James in 1997.


To create the best NLP Trainer’s Training in the world we identified the 30 things a world class speakers, presenters and trainers are doing from the stage. It takes 18 days to install all of these behaviours during our NLP Trainer’s Training.


For the first time, I will be teaching and demonstrating these 30 behaviours at The International NLP Conference in 2018.


I will be lifting the veil to show you what is going on behind the scenes with world class speakers, presenters and trainers. Be prepared to discover the “stage magic” of NLP.


Once you know what these 30 things are speaking, presenting and training will never be the same again. You’ll see and hear things differently. Not only will you know what world class professionals are doing you’ll be able to use them yourself. With a live audience or on camera.


You’ll learn to use the entirety of your NLP skills with an audience!

I’m very excited to be working with you!



By David Shephard, NLP Master Trainer



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