Cancer Coaching with NLP

Long term illness including cancer, does not just affect people physically – it causes anxiety and depression, damages confidence, challenges relationships and affects working lives. The long 'journey' back to normal that most survivors and their families face is tough. Returning to work presents many unforeseen challenges. Survivors of long term illness and their employers often have no idea of the impact and have totally false expectations about what is a ‘normal’ return to work. Line managers comment “Shouldn’t she/he be working full time by now? Maybe she/he isn’t up to the job any longer?” Employees end up saying “I should be feeling better by now, what can I do to improve my quality of life?”

A lack of information and real-life stories about returning to work, can cause problems both for employers and employees. Most of the people we coach have no idea what lies ahead once treatment is over. In our experience, both employers and those recovering from long-term illness and cancer tend to assume that each week of a phased return to work will be better than the last one and that after 6 to 8 weeks they will be almost back to normal. The fact is, although a few people do experience this relatively easy ‘return journey’, the majority don’t. It is no wonder that during and post active treatment, survivors often feel vulnerable and unsupported.

We believe that specialist health coaching using NLP and Clean Language can really support people to move on in a way that is best for them. Each person’s experience is unique and the reason why coaching methodology is so effective. By specialist health coaching we mean providing a holistic blend of coaching support, enabling individuals to deal successfully with the impact of long term illness on their lives and to move forward from it in the way that is best for them.

In this workshop, you can hear our stories and experience of specialist health coaching and discover methods and techniques to support your own practice. We will give a demonstration of David Grove’s Clean Language and how powerful this can be. You will then have time to practice this and go away with valuable skills and tips to use in your own coaching.

We look forward to welcoming you!

By Jackie Arnold and Dr Andrew A Parsons