The Intrapsychic Model by Virginia Satir

Virginia Satir spent her life helping others find ways to live a more fulfilling life, then helping others, help others to fulfil her vision:

Peace Within, Peace Between, Peace Among.

Of all the many models, tools and techniques that she provided us with the Intrapsychic Model is one of the most powerful. It deepens our understanding and appreciation of the complexity that exists within us and our systems. It enables us to explore and separate these systems that exist within ourselves; between couples or partners; within families and teams. Making this model incredibly valuable for therapists, coaches and consultants that work with individuals, couples, families or within organisations.

We already know that, what we see a person do and say is not who they are. Their behaviours are but the tip of the iceberg; an action, a response or a reaction that can be observed by ourselves and others. The same applies for their story, the narrative or the account of events. So how can we understand more, more about ourselves and others without getting embroiled in the content. The Intrapsychic Model was designed by Virginia Satir to deepen our understanding about the relationship with both; that which can be observed and what’s happening below the waterline. Providing a sound framework for the impacts, that have taken us into survival mode, to be processed and changes to be made.

Have you ever wondered what’s the best question is for someone who is angry at the whole world; blaming everyone and his dog for the problems in their life? Would you like to know the best way to enter his internal world for change to occur in their un-met expectations? How about helping the person who has said sorry twelve times in the last 5 minutes to identify and appreciate the resources that exist within this pattern of behaviour? Imagine being able to assist the Executive that’s stuck in their head to begin to feel comfortable enough to consider the emotions and feelings that they are shielding themselves from, and alter their perception of the world. Imagine, too, engaging with that ‘problem-person’, the one who keeps acting the fool and can’t seem to hold their attention for long enough before they feel overwhelmed and take flight again. Using this model, you will be able to identify the level at which the problem is being created and where the changes needs to occur.

The deeper and broader the exploration is; the more successful the changes will be. The less time, focus and energy we will spend in survival, using our resources with negative consequences. And more time, focus and energy will be available on being more fully human. And staying connected to our Self, with access to all our internal resources and their positive manifestations.

Exploring the intrapsychic model means that the whole internal experience is validated. This process becomes engaging and updates the neurobiological responses, which is one of the vital elements essential for transformation and lasting to change to occur. Attending this Intrapsychic Model workshop, you will discover the inner processes of external experience, and how we hold the impacts of events. Restoring congruence, improving self-esteem, making better decisions and choices will enhance your therapeutic effectiveness.

In true Virginia style, this is an interactive, experiential workshop. You will be able to use this model to reflect on your own internal experience, to make better choices. The tools within this model must be effective for you first before you attempt to utilise them with others.

By Sharon Rooke