How do you raise children with NLP principles?

NLP came into my life just before our children did and I am so grateful for that! I consider myself one of the lucky parents who could have a clearer sense of direction and understanding of the human mind functions and secrets! We still make hundreds of mistakes every day and history will tell how it all turns out but the benefits are quite visible and promising in our everyday life. One statement that many of the Life Spheres course participants make is about the revelation that there is a lot more under the hood than what anyone ever imagined, that the parents are the world’s most important modellers and that there are systems and methodologies one can count on for a more enjoyable raising of their kids.

Is NLP IT, then? The magic wand, the perfect solution for parenting? What is its place in terms of theories of the cosmos, religions and spiritual paths? Is it about a specific set of beliefs and values that it promotes? Does it offer the WHAT, HOW and WHEN in terms of thinking and behaving in every situation you find yourself with your children? How exactly does the power of the unconscious manifest in the day-to-day family life? What routines and habits does it help establish? What does it mean for our kids’ health, wealth, relationships and self-esteem? What are some undisputable benefits and potential pitfalls? What could our kids possibly complain about or suffer from when they reach adulthood because of NLP? Most importantly how do we know we are doing a good job?

My own inner child is playing an important role in my children’s choices. Through our parenting skills, we carry a responsibility for the shaping of their character and contribution to the world; a fascinating task! Every week, I spend time with people who not only on a personal level but also on a professional level keep wondering how they got the thinking that moves them forward and the ones that hold them back – I have got to ask the question each time: ‘Tell me about your mother ….tell me about your father…’.

As you have probably figured out by now, my presentation ‘How to raise kids with NLP?’ is not only for parents, parents to be, grandparents and teachers, it is about anyone who was/is a child…join me for concepts you probably never reflected upon before and come find out about the 7 NLP tools that demystify and make raising kids …extra enjoyable!

By Eleni Sarantinou