The Intention Impact Conundrum

"The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper." WB Yeats

How do we move forward, and discover our potential in whatever we do, if we have good intentions and yet do not see the impact that we have on others...and indeed on ourselves ?

Maybe we hold back... self critical and self limiting...... or maybe we blunder on with patterns of behaviour or thinking that don’t work for us, and that even worse, we don’t recognise in ourselves. Maybe think our failure to get what we want is down to someone else, which holds us in an unhelpful pattern like an almond in chocolate.....stuck fast ? The good thing is that when we recognise that the ‘gap’ exists, we can put ourselves at ‘cause’ and start to bridge that gap!

In my work as a trainer, what has become apparent again and again as I listen to course delegates and coaching clients alike, is that everyone, (that I have come across that is), means well.... their intentions are good. Yet how they set about achieving their goals can often be counterproductive. They struggle sometimes to see how they impact on others ....and in effect how they get in their own way.

As a starting point it is useful to look at the patterns that we have got into with we give it, how we seek it and how we react to it ? How also can we access the resources in us and around us in other ways to manage our state and create the impact we want?

Recognising how we/others handle the information coming into us is a useful start in understanding what is going on. What then? Do we need to ‘get real’ about our map...or at least ‘more real’...and start to be our own landscaper?

In this interactive session we will not just look at Intention/Impact ‘gap’ but also how we can start to address this for ourselves and other people. Expect to laugh, move and learn......and go away with strategies you can use to create the impact you want...when you want it!

Do you want to bridge your own Intention/Impact gap?

By Florence Madden