“If it's going to be, it's up to me”

My passion around the subject of 'taking responsibility through goal mapping' is driven by my own upbringing, where sadly I didn’t get the lessons on how to take responsibility. I then moved into a career in the NHS where the patterns continued for me. All I knew was how to be a victim of circumstance where others around me would feel sorry for me. I adopted a blame culture where I was never the problem!

Why I am sharing this?

It wasn’t until I started my own business that the true definition of taking responsibility hit me hard.

In the beginning of my business I had no idea that when things were not working it was down to me. I realised it wasn’t about how much money you made but instead it was all about the person you became through the personal development journey that ensued.

Good fortune came my way in the form of great mentors during these early years of running a business. The art of imagery goal setting led me to a clearly defined focus where ultimately, I embraced that “If it was going to be, it was up to me”. I found this totally liberating.

I am grateful for the life learning, the more difficulties we endure, the better we can become. By using the system of goal setting, I went on to create a ‘rags to riches’ story, against the odds, where in 2016 my business turned over 1.2 Million. This is not to impress you, but to impress upon you what is possible.

Imagery Goal setting access’ both the left and right side of the brain to get holistic results. I now have a passion for showing people how, by setting goals through visual mapping they can form a personal relationship with NLP through their unconscious mind, getting it to work for them rather than against them. This can become a positive habit that can be applied in all areas of our life, addressing issues such as: depression, self-esteem, spiritual healing, fertility challenges, social skills, fitness and weight loss as well as practical areas such as business and finances.

The overall process leads individuals to naturally take responsibility without blaming anyone else for their circumstances. This is empowering and uplifting. It is an inspiring and a progressive way to take control of life.

In my up and coming session 'Taking Responsibility Through Goal Mapping' at the NLP conference, I want to demonstrate how our upbringing does not have to define us, how by taking responsibility we can move on from it to break the repetitive cycles of behaviour that haunts some families. I will share with you what happened to my parents and how we can learn from others’ experiences.

I am so excited for those in the audience who embrace this information and positively move themselves forward to live the life of their dreams. Living the dream for me is not about fast cars or the big house; living the dream for me is about day by day being the best version of me in every way.

By Cora McKeown