The Purest form of Rapport at the NLP Conference 2018

We have so many ways to communicate these days, it seems counter intuitive to block off days in the calendar and to go to a physical Conference in a hotel with other people. And yet, there are many advantages to taking time out to go to a Conference where you will meet friends – old and new – discuss topics that are shared in an environment where conversation is encouraged.

The NLP Conference has been called many things. One is that it is ‘NLP in community’. When we are in community, something special happens That has been the lesson from NLP Conferences past. When we get people together, however their ideas and views may differ, they converse, they seek to understand and they adjust their positions as a result of what they hear. They associate with each other in what becomes a relaxed and social learning environment. And they learn – about others, about ideas and, of course, about themselves.

In the NLP world we talk of rapport and the purest form of rapport still happens with ‘eyes on’ each other. You can learn so much from the person in front of you, but then, if you are already aware of NLP, you probably know that.

The NLP Conference that takes place on 18th – 20th May at Heathrow features a full day with Robert Dilts and Ian McDermott and two days of workshops and talks with some of the best known and innovative people in this community. We plan for it to be better than previous Conferences whilst retaining the best of them. The conversations that you have in the breaks and over the free lunches (yes, there are such things) may be just as informative and developmental as the sessions.

This is a well-attended event in a convenient and comfortable location and, in our view, it is a do not miss event. Come and join us in the big conversation. Click here to get your earlybird tickets before the offer ends on 31st March.