Valuing Difference at the NLP Conference 2018

Putting together a Conference which will be relevant and stretching for our audience is a year-long process. As we wrap up the previous year, we are already planning the next. Finding the right streams, topics and speakers is critical to ensure that our audiences get a choice of topics that address the core of NLP, NLP applications, developments, success stories and industry focus. No speaker is guaranteed a slot, they are all selected on merit.

There are some 60 plus presenters in up to 6 parallel streams, so choice is always available. The balance between genders is around equal, slightly more female than male, and the age range is varied. This is not some ‘old boys club’ but rather a dynamic group which, when complemented by the audience, represents the wide variety of interests and passions that is modern NLP at its best. Take a look at the programme and see for yourself how wide-ranging the subjects are and understand the learning that you can find and apply in your business or personal life.

If you are thinking about coming to one Personal Development based Conference this year, make it the NLP International Conference. You will be made most welcome and you’ll fit in just fine.

The NLP Conference that takes place on 18th – 20th May at Heathrow features a full day with Robert Dilts and Ian McDermott and two days of workshops and talks with some of the best known and innovative people in this community. We plan for it to be better than previous Conferences whilst retaining the best of them. The conversations that you have in the breaks and over the free lunches (yes, there are such things) may be just as informative and developmental as the sessions.

This is a well-attended event in a convenient and comfortable location and, in our view, it is a do not miss event. Come and join us and book your place in the big conversation. Get your tickets now!