Behind the Scenes: Puzzling the Conference Jigsaw…

Phew, it has been an intense couple of weeks!

After approximately 15 hours of reading, 10+ hours of meetings and another 10+ hours of paperwork and admin (involving a LOT of post it notes!), we have, at least, made a good start on filtering 230+ hours of proposals into the final cut of only 72 hours worth of presentations which will make up the conference programme!

It is an absolute privilege to read so many fantastic presentation proposals from both seasoned NLP Trainers and new people to the NLP scene, balancing experience with innovation and sometimes some provocative new ideas!

Creating the conference programme is an iterative and continually evolving process. We continue to hold space, as the programme continues to take shape…

It is like building a massive jigsaw puzzle, when all we know at the beginning is that the finished puzzle fits into a specific framework and there are a maximum number of pieces it could contain.

We start building this puzzle without knowing what the final picture looks like and we have to sift out which of the many pieces are going to fit into this particular picture. Every puzzle piece has value, even if it turns out to not be part of this particular puzzle – at the moment we have 4 times more pieces than we need for the finished puzzle! The good thing is that the other pieces can be used in a variety of different puzzles, which will be put together another day!

With any detailed jigsaw, we examine all the pieces from every angle, we test them alongside other prices to see if they fit and we carefully make up parts of the puzzle where we can, still not knowing which may form part of the big final puzzle.

Whilst I never had a lot of patience with jigsaws as a child, I do appreciate the finished jigsaw…and we ask for your patience as we continue to work on this piece of art…honing in, building up small parts of the puzzle and checking how parts could best fit together.

Everyone who has submitted their piece of the jigsaw will hear from us…and understand that is may take a while before we have all the pieces in place and can confirm that we have now finished the jigsaw!