Behind the Scenes The Programme Selection Process

Planning the programme is one of our favourite parts of the overall conference planning. As it is, according to feedback received, the main reason individuals in the NLP community flock from all corners of the globe to come and experience.

We’re currently onto the second stage of programme creation and this part is all about gathering more information, asking questions and exploring possibilities!

We don’t steer or influence what we think you as a part of the NLP community might like to see and hear; instead we allow it to be an organic process whereby we are informed by the field as to what will best serve it. After all, we’re not the experts in what might be useful to the field, you are!

However, we do have a structure to support only the very best selections from the proposals submitted. We ensure a mix of new and well known presenters, variety of topics that stretch and grow our community, are interactive and engaging and delivered by experienced and knowledgeable presenters.

This process ensures year on year the conference programme is evolutionary, dynamic, innovative and more importantly relevant!

One thing that is initially apparent is we already know that the 2019 programme is going to be amazing and in some ways, refreshingly different from previous years. After all, isn’t NLP is all about change?!

We’ve received some extremely exciting proposals from high quality leaders and experts, covering topics which will be both empowering and most importantly support your continued development as an NLP professional.

There are some proposals where we have all we need to be a firm yes from the get go. However, there are others where more information and clarity is required in order to make more informed decisions.

The assessment of each proposal is not simply about interesting topics and content. Whilst that is of course important, the experience and knowledge of the presenters and their presentation delivery is just as essential and if we have no first hand experience of them, we must dig deeper to answer these unknowns.

What you have previously told us about why you choose to come to the conference, directs what we think will be most useful when it comes to content. You’ve told us that overall variety, choice, new learning opportunities and personal development is what you want. Therefore, the system and process we use has the intention to deliver just that.

We listen to and take on board feedback and as a result have put several measures in place to further improve the quality and relevance of each session that makes it onto the programme. Here are some of the changes we have made to the process as a direct result of your valuable feedback:

  • Separate assessment for known and unknown presenters

  • More information gathered about unknown presenters experience, knowledge and style

  • Increased ‘stretch’ of topical content learning potential

Stay tuned over the coming weeks as we begin to unveil some of the exciting presenters and sessions awaiting your presence at next year’s NLP International Conference.