Why, oh why would anyone attend the NLP International Conference?!

In this age of rapid technology growth and digital advances, more and more events are becoming available virtually. Whilst this is wonderful and offers a range of great benefits, there continues to be thriving face to face conferences across a range of industries. Why?

Now, we don’t have the answer per se, yet what we do know is why hundreds of NLP professionals flock from all corners of the world to attend the NLP International Conference each year.

Through feedback gathered it has become clear that there are some distinct themes as to why NLP trained individuals attend and what tangible outcomes they get as a result of doing so.

Why others attend

The top spot goes to those seeking practical learning opportunities, new tools, techniques and golden nuggets of wisdom from NLP experts and innovators, to elevate and add value to their NLP practice and trainings.

Next up is those who can’t get enough of continued personal development. After all, as NLP professionals we know all too well that completing a NLP practitioner course is just the beginning of a wonderful journey of self-growth and the more we develop ourselves, the more we have to offer in service of others.

And finally, the other most popular reason for attending is for the chance to network with and meet like-minded individuals. To learn from, make friends with and create collaborative partnerships and fellowships to take them further on the journey of personal and professional development. Perhaps this is because “alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” - Helen Keller -

Clearly learning is something we, as NLP professionals, truly appreciate.

“Always walk through life as if you have something to learn, and you will.” – Vernon Howard –

How have they benefitted?

What is interesting is that many go on to receive far more than they initially expected and gain additional, unintended insights and learnings. Those learnings are always the best, aren’t they?! The ones where you learnt or discovered something you didn’t even know you needed and weren’t actively looking for!

In the feedback, participants answered the question “How will the conference make a difference to your NLP practice?” From this the following themes emerged:

Learning new tools, approaches and techniques

“I have more tools now.”

“I have gathered a lot of useful tools that I would never have thought about before.”

“I have learnt tools that I have already started implementing in my sessions.”

“I will use some of the practices as a trainer and for myself.”

“I will insert some new exercises, new themes and topics into my trainings.”

“I now have not only more tools, but much better quality tools!”

“I’ve already used the Hero’s Journey map to talk to several people about their life struggles.”

“I will use the information to improve my teaching and work in the practice.”

“I have taken new knowledge and insights straight back into both my coaching practice and my NLP training. My current Practitioner cohort shall be feeling the benefits soon!”

Igniting inspiration and new ideas

“I’m so inspired. I’m going to redo my NLP training and add some more skills and courses.”

“The shift in my thinking made on the Masterclass has the potential to significantly affect my future career path.”

“I have many ideas from this and will be incorporating it to help the public at my next event. It has also inspired me to start my book!”

“It has re-awoken some ideas.”

“It has changed my style already. I have grown as a person and as a presenter as a direct result of being at the conference. I have learned so much and am still unpacking it.”

“Lots to think about, I feel re-focused and it has renewed my enthusiasm.”

“I now have a dream.”

“New ideas to use and things I can do for keeping me in a resourceful state. Plus more clarity on what work I want to do.”

“Cobwebs dusted off. I have new learnings and understanding and feel refreshed and revitalised.”

“The conference has renewed my energy. It’s been an opportunity to review my behaviours and patterns and be more influential on my outcomes.”

“It has boosted my confidence.”

“I have managed to deal with my own issues that will help me as leader.”

“My skills have been refreshed and I feel re-enthused.”

“It reminded me to do things I have dropped. I also have new insights on familiar topics.”

Creating powerful connections and future resources

“The connections made with people very different from me and ways of using NLP outside my knowledge and experience. I’ve also identified specific areas of training that I want to do for me.”

“Through networking I have met people who have really supported me in moving forward in my own business.”

“I grew as a person and met great people; I have also had a lot of ideas of courses I can attend to further develop me professionally, so the conference has make a big difference.”

“I met some amazing people who I will be creating a fellowship with, plus discovered new courses that I will be attending to add to my skills to bring back to my students and my practice workshops.”

“I gained inspiration and the meeting of kindred spirits.”

“It has increased my network of colleagues and awareness of how others integrate NLP into their work.”

What about you?

That’s why others have chosen to attend the NLP International Conference. But, what’s even more important is why would you choose to attend next year? What benefits might you gain as a direct result of being present in such an opportunistic environment?

The conference exists to serve the continued development of the NLP community and our aim is simply to provide you with new resources to make even more of difference using NLP for yourself and in support of others.

Got a question about the 2019 NLP International Conference? Contact us – event@nlpconference.com