Values: An Invaluable Tool

‘Values’, i.e. what is/are important to us in any specific area of life or situation, is an invaluable tool to improve our results and satisfaction in life. As you’ll see in the next sections, having a knowledge of how to use Values can save you a huge amount of time, effort and energy, and make you more financially satisfied.

Why is this Topic so Useful?

Being able to work with Values can help you when you are selling, managing and motivating staff, coaching (whether as a professional coach or as a line manager using a coaching approach), recruiting, making choices, team-building and dealing with conflicts.

Indeed, leading HR specialists have said that if every manager used this, it would transform the workplace. All relationships depend on it. Great sales-people and careers coaches use it consistently.

An Overview of How to Use Values

Let’s use finding a car as an example. You would take a few minutes to make a list of all the things you wanted in a car, then rank then in order of importance, then imagine having a car with the top 6-9 things on your list; if you feel really good about having that car, then you’ve probably done the exercise correctly; if not, then ask what’s missing from the list.

Once you know what you’re looking for, then go and find it, using your list as a guide as to which kind of cars to explore.

Examples of When Using Values has Been Useful for Making Decisions

Martin and Katie had been looking to buy a house for 6 months, unsuccessfully. One can only imagine the frustration they must have felt, not to mention the wasted time, effort and energy. Once they understood about Values, they were able to prioritise what they wanted from a house, and within a week they had found the house they wanted. Imagine the relief!

Incidentally, had the estate agents Martin and Katie visited in the 6 months known about how to use Values when selling, they would have got the commission!

Nadine had been looking to settle down, find a good man and have a family. She had been on the dating scene for some time, and had met a lot of ‘frogs’ without finding her ‘prince’. Once she found out about Values, and got really clear about what she was looking for in a partner, she realised that the man she had dated for 8 years and who she was still friends with was actually the man of her dreams. Within a few weeks they were married, and now have a beautiful family.

Some Possible Actions for You

If you have a decision to make, for example, your next career move, do the exercise referred to above. Typically, it will take 5-10 minutes, and can give you a great understanding about what’s important to you in that area, and hence what decision to take.

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