In the Shoes (and Mind) of a Newbie NLP Conferencer

Karen & Kash invited me to write a blog as a Newbie Conferencer. I found myself agreeing to take this on, keen to help and support - without a clue what to say, wondering who on earth and why on earth anyone would want to read this! I don’t do blogs and hardly do social media…nevertheless I’m up for giving it a go…it’s a worthy cause…I’m intrigued to see if I can make a difference…and in true NLP style have a good dose of can-do attitude!

Two weeks later, I have a title and am still wondering what to say.

I have also discovered that being in ‘my shoes’ and ‘my mind’ aren’t one and the same. I wonder if this is the case for others? Recently I find myself stepping (shoes) down new roads and questioning (my mind) what I’m doing.

I wonder if this is why I have never actually made it to the Conference! Yet! For many years now…10 to be precise. I have observed the conference, earmarked it, diarised it and even enjoyed planning who I was going to see and what talks I would attend. There’s always so much that interests me. For the last 5 years, I’ve even organised a schedule. Then I miss the super early bird pricing…and it all starts to fall apart. There’s something else on, something comes up, I’m too tired, I don’t know anyone, I just fancy staying in, etc., etc. Embarrassingly enough I hear people are coming from the other side of the world!!!!

This year however was going to be different! I decided last year (Nov 2019) that I would prioritise attending the Conference. It was all set…. although for some reason I didn’t pay…the pattern was repeating itself again. And then the whole planet went into meltdown!

The conference I now know has gone digital. Ok methinks….so perhaps this is going to be better. I’m going to be able to hear and see all the talks I want. Plan away to my heart’s content. And be at home. And by the time 2022 comes and the conference is in person, I will actually know some people! Hey…perhaps this slowing down is really, really good. And hey I suddenly realise….’slowing down even more’ was another one of my intentions. I realise, yet again that my unconscious mind is about 10 years ahead of me. Perhaps I am on track after all.

As I write this I have decided that I will stop this pattern and go and book myself on the Conference. Now. It is a step (there are the shoes again) in the right direction! Perhaps this is what Karen & Kash wanted me to discover?

Note to self…Must pay more attention to my feet and where they want to go!