In the Shoes (and Mind) of a Newbie NLP Conferencer - Part 2

So…this is my 2nd blog…I wonder if anyone read the first?

Strange things have started happening…

Between the draft of my first blog and the final version of it, I had decided to go for a walk in the woods. It was a beautiful day. I decided to go somewhere outside of my normal walk. As I walked in the woods – the view ahead astounded me. It was stunning, beautiful. I was speechless. I took a photo…see for yourself…

Then…out of that very scene, a lady walks towards me. I had met her before, accidentally, in this same wood and through chatting about dogs and Jack Wolfskin jackets (as you do) we had discovered that she was also a NLP Master Practitioner and knew the same NLP coach I work with. How bizarre and so we had arranged to meet up again but I hadn’t seen her since then, probably about a year ago. So, we of course say Hi…and somehow the conversation turns to NLP again!!! …and then she starts talking about the Conference!! I explain it had to be cancelled due to Covid and that it will be digital next year and in person in 2022. I am totally bemused by this turn of events; …and say, this is very funny that we are talking about this as I have literally (15 mins ago) just written a blog on the NLP Conference and being a Newbie Conferencer.

I go home and press send to my draft.

And book my Conference ticket!!!

I feel on track – my shoes and mind feel aligned… I’m excited as to what lies ahead….