In the shoes (and mind) of a Newbie NLP Conferencer Part 3

I am so delighted….

I have made a shift. Away from Late Bird, Super Late Bird, Procrastinating Bird, Busy Bird, Overladen Bird, Keen but got a lot on Bird, Next Year Bird… officially being a Super Early Bird for this year’s virtual NLP Conference 2021. I have booked my ticket. How impressed and pleased as punch am I!!

I am currently revelling in it being my only fixed definite date for 2021. I like staring at my year planner, knowing I have blocked out these 3 days, just for that. I feel confident this is one date that is going to happen and make my 2021 different to previous years.

I have decided to follow the leads and my feet (if you read my previous blogs you will know what I mean) and direct my attention with a discerning focus to some new things for 2021.

So…thinking about how this is going to work for me and be extra enjoyable in the best way possible. - I tend to not enjoy sitting in front of my computer, at my desk, so doing that for 3 days doesn’t appeal… I decided to have a little chat with my IT man and asked him if I could view the conference on my TV. A bigger screen, much more comfortable surroundings, distance from the screen… 3 days on the sofa with my dogs, refreshments to hand, cosied up, seems like a very manageable, highly relaxed and enjoyable state to be in. And he said yes, that would be possible, I just need to get a little gadget.

And so another step forward to this event, currently the only event, in my diary for 2021!

Well done Me!