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Suzanne Henwood & Sarah Carruthers

The Neuroscience of Breathing for Coaches

Sunday 21st May - 09:00 - 10:30 (BST)

Top Tip before attending Suzanne and Sarah's session - Become more mindful of your breathing and how you are breathing

Presentation details...

Breathing is the key to accessing the body, to aligning the body and to working directly with physiology and neurology. We believe that as a coach, working with the whole person, a thorough understanding of the breath is an essential part of your tool kit and weaving NLP into that further enhances that process.    


Using key research, neuroscience and practical experience, we will bring you a workshop that:  


  • Shares the key theory and research underpinning breathwork in coaching  

  • Offers a practical tool box of breathing practices and applications that you will be able to use immediately.  

Breathing is the single most important act we do every day.  We can go without food for three weeks, three days without water but only two to three minutes without breathing. Perhaps because we can’t see it; or it’s hard to feel; or maybe because it is so universal and automatic; or because it’s the oldest, most basic thing we do every day… most of us haven’t considered how inefficiently we breathe. In fact it is reported that up to 90% of people breathe sub-optimally.    


This is surprising, as breathing is a gateway between the body and mind; a physical, mental and spiritual practice. We believe using breathing as the basis to regulate and access the body then, is an essential component of all coaching and we would love you to come and join us to explore this in our session.

Learning outcomes...

The focus is two fold:  


1. To get a deeper understanding of the anatomy, physiology and neurology related to breathing  


2. To walk away with a tool box of breathing practices that cover a variety of contexts and applications    People will have an understanding of the latest research and neuroscience; the positive benefits from working with breath in coaching and an understanding of how to put this into practice safely.

About Suzanne & Sarah...

We are Dr Suzanne Henwood and Sarah Carruthers.


We are both NLP and mBIT Trainers, and experienced coaches who use a range of modalities to offer an integrative embodied approach to coaching – and using breathing in coaching is an essential component of that in our work locally in New Zealand as well as across the globe.    


We live in a complex and fast changing world and neuroscience has opened up a whole new approach to regulating the nervous system and equipping us to ride the wave of volatility, uncertainty, complexity ambiguity (VUCA), alongside a new awareness of and approach to long term trauma and safety in all areas of work and life.    

We have been studying the neuroscience of breathing for some time.  And we got curious - how can we weave what we know of NLP and mBIT into this field of study? Would it make a difference? We believe it does.    


In fact, we were so convinced of the impact of the use of breathing in coaching, we decided to write it up in a book to share it with others and that book is due to be published in 2023.

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