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Presenter Name

Who Not How!

Sunday 14th May - 11:00 - 12:30 (BST)

Top Tip before attending Thabiso's session - "Get clear on your well formed outcomes. Read 'Who not How' by Dan Sullivan and Dr Ben Hardy."

Presentation details...

I've learned that everything in our lives is always about who's.


When we are born we become a who to our parents and they become a who to us, when we fall in love we become a who in someone's life and they become a who in our life. When we are lonely, we only experience loneliness because of specific who's in our lives.


The various emotions we experience are mostly in someway in reference to who's or to a specific who either in your life or the context of the experience. If who's are so important what stops us from depending on specific who's in our goal setting.


The greatest things in life were created by who's, learn how to tap into the different who's in your life including the most important who in your life, you.

Learning outcomes...
  • Become clear about who you want to become.  


  • Gain clarity in the qualities, beliefs and state of your ideal self.  


  • Get clear about the who's that will help you achieve your desired outcome.  


  • Learn to model yourself.  


  • Discover the importance of focusing on the who's instead of the how's.  


  • Get clear between your resourceful identity and un-resourceful identity.  


  • Rediscover the motivation you need to achieve your goals.

About Thabiso...

Thabiso Mailula is an NLP Trainer whose passion is unleashing excellence in others specifically in the areas of leadership, mental health and sports peak performance.


He is the International ANLP Ambassador for South Africa who won the 2018 ANLP Inspiration Award.


He is the Founder and Head Trainer of Subconscious Frequency Academy which offers various courses and workshops on public speaking, mental health, peak performance, Coaching and NLP.


Thabiso has this infectious energy of presence and simply living your best life

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