The NLP International Conference
goes Virtual!


The 2020 NLP International Conference was postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic that affected most parts of the world. 


Our intention was to host the 2022 Conference in London at the Radisson Hotel & Conference Centre in Heathrow as we have for the past Conferences in 2017, 2018 and 2019…as normal, on site, in-person...


In the UK, we are still adapting to our “new normal” and the unknowns that may affect all of us, now and in the future.  At the top of our “old normal” and our “new normal” list is the health and safety of anyone who attends the NLP Conference.  This ranges from the hotel staff who coordinate and serve us, through our own team, our amazing stewards, the exhibitors, the presenters and of course, our delegates.  All coming from all over the world...


Taking as many potential challenges and variables into consideration, we have concluded that the risks of holding the Conference “in-person” in the UK in 2022 is too great.  We cannot risk your health and safety if we have no idea what  rules may be in place.  We also have no control over the health and safety regulations that the hotel may have to impose at a moment's notice.


Having consulted with many people (who have experienced the recent changes and challenges including the Radisson Hotel) on the best way to proceed, we have decided that the 2022 Conference will also be a Virtual Conference.


There are many positive benefits to this decision which will continue to make the Conference even more accessible.  It will give an opportunity to people who were unable to travel to London for health, personal safety, financial or other reasons, the chance to see and hear some of the great influencers in the NLP community.


By using technology, we intend to overcome some of the challenges raised during our consultations:

  1. Networking – People come to the Conference to meet other people and forge new friendships, renew acquaintances or exchange ideas and chat.  The Whova Conference App allows this to happen in the virtual environment through the use of some clever technology.  In previous years, delegates have had the chance to use Whova to connect with other delegates and this is still available.

  2. Exhibitors – One of the highlights of the “in-person” Conference is to be able to walk through the Exhibitors in the refreshment area and check out the new products and services that are on offer.  Again, the Whova App will allow you to interact with the exhibitors in a similar way and the good news is that there might be more of them to choose from...

  3. Meet the Presenters – Our tech platforms will enable you to raise questions during sessions.  Your question might get answered during the session or after when the presenter gets a chance to review all the questions that have been asked….

  4. Session recordings – you could only attend one presentation at a time at the ‘in person conference' and unless you have Hermione’s time turner, it was a challenge to resolve this...until now...  The Virtual Conference ticket price includes access to recordings of ALL streams from ALL presenters for a period of 6 months after the Conference closed (Terms and Conditions apply).


There will be differences to the way the Conference has worked before and we will guide you as to how to get the best out of the Virtual experience in the coming months.


We intend to be back at the Radisson Conference Centre and Hotel in London, Heathrow from nn – nn May 2023 because there is no substitute for proper please keep those dates free.


In the meantime,  join us and make this the best NLP International Conference yet!