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Advanced work with NLP and Health

Phil Parker

2021 Conference

The changes my work has achieved in health care can often seem magical to those whose lives have been transformed. However, I consider the changes to simply be the result of applying robust approaches skillfully and can be learnt by anyone interested in mastering these techniques. This inspiring skill-based workshop, suitable for all levels of NLP experience, will equip you with practical tools to work through your own and others' health issues. Building on your current skill set you will learn a structured approach to health. You will leave with the confidence to apply your skills to a range of health issues.

You will learn...

how to create an effective framework for working with health issues.

how to master new skills and processes and have an opportunity to practice them.

through observation of a clinical demonstration using these skills to help a client achieve health changes.

the essential importance of beliefs in health change and ways to shift them.

the key language patterns to transform health.

the vital skills of deep parts work.

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