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Complex Meta Programming - Understanding the Patterns of Purpose

Marc McDermott

2024 Conference

How would you like to be able to discover, in about eight minutes, more about a person than they know themselves and then be able to spend the next hour or so telling them who they are?

Would you like to know how to tell if someone's going to be on time for their appointments, or how long someone is likely to remain in their job?

Would you like to be able to know how to best serve students better by giving them information in the way they actually learn?

Would you like to know how a person processes information inside themselves, so that you can predict their behaviours and actions based on their thought processes, without mind reading or guessing?

All of this and much more is what you will be exploring in this exciting session.

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain an appreciation of where the Complex Meta Programs sit in the hierarchy of consciousness, and why it's so important to know them.

  • ​Learn the basics of each of the 19 complex meta programs, and their functionality.

  • Learn the linguistic markers for each pattern

  • ​Learn the equations for discovering them quickly.

  • ​Utilise the simple questions to elicit another attendee's meta programs and to have their own elicited.

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