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Deep Learning

Joe Cheal

2022 Conference

Let’s start with you… because you know what it’s like to attend training courses and presentations. As a member of the audience, consider for a moment the difference between those that really engaged you and those that really didn’t. This could be the difference between ‘deep learning’ and ‘flat learning’ (one-way and/or screen led). Deep learning means starting with the audience’s experience and working out from there to new information.

Use the group mind to open neural pathways and create a platform… and then build from there. Deep learning starts with the learner. The deep learning approach uses the collective intelligence in the room, not just a single source. As the presenter/trainer, you continue to learn from others, both in their real-world examples and in their approaches to handling situations.

In this session, you and Joe will explore different approaches to audience engagement and develop even more learning strategies!

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