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mSpiraling: mBIT, Graves and metaprograms walk into a bar...

Reb Veale

2021 Conference

This completely original workshop represents one of the last precious collaborations with creator of mBraining, Grant Soosalu.  Reb and Grant noticed how many overlaps exist between various ways of describing the human condition and mSpiraling is intended as a model to provide both a way of identifying where we and clients are and how to proactively and practically evolve our ontology. A lively session incorporating principles from Graves’ Helix (including the Spiral Dynamics model), NLP metaprograms and the neurological bases of mBraining. Come along to gather new tools, lenses and layers that may have been hiding in plain sight!

You will learn...

powerful new ways to meet people at their model of the world.

how ‘clusters’ of behaviours/attitudes/beliefs link to multiple brain modes and linked to Graves values competencies.

how to work with a client’s ontology on a developmental/evolutionary journey (and not just attract clients who are at the same ‘level’ as you).

how to evolve your own ontology to cope with an emergent accelerating world.

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