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My Client, Me & My Process: Working with Emergence

Magdalena Bak-Maier & Ed Grey

2024 Conference

The world today is an uncertain, unpredictable place; anxiety is ubiquitous, impacting agency, connection and identity.

While traditional NLP offers a set of tools designed to produce specific outcomes, now more than ever, our practice demands greater fluidity.  We propose emergence as an essential frame for NLP practice.

Join us to consider how this, as distinct from (arguably) the goal-oriented NLP approach, invites a different way of being with our clients – and with ourselves.  Let’s look at three fundamental NLP concepts through the lens of emergence: goals and outcomes, rapport, and being ‘at cause’.

Learning Outcomes

  • A powerful process for self-reflection that you can take away to build courage, confidence and ability to dance with emergence.

  • A way to take rapport to the next level; understanding, framing and applying rapport as an emergent process of Me/We

  • A way to reframe specific goal orientation into a wider field of potentiality (emergence in context)

  • A way to utilize emergence to support greater agency in you and your client

  • Some practical tools to help build trust in yourself, your client and your process via embodied presencing

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