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NLP Wellbeing: A Dynamic Approach in Healthy Mind & Body Connection

Vassia Manika

2022 Conference

Well-being and health are major aspects of our lives, especially in these times of uncertainty and stress. The purpose of this interactive workshop is to give you some practical new tools to help your clients gain more insights on where they are in the illness–wellness continuum and how they can go forward into a healthier and happier lifestyle.

In the well-being mindset, there are no clients that are not willing to give up their ‘bad’ habits; rather, there are individuals who have not yet embodied the importance of health in their lives or how fear, doubt, unhealthy beliefs and secondary gains can prevent the flow of energy in and out of their bodies. Our primary work with these clients is to help them to mindfully restore the mind and body connection by understanding the body’s communication patterns.

Through my vast experience in working and educating health professionals in NLP well-being coaching, I realised that most of them cannot identify the level of change their client is at and, thus, unconsciously contribute to deepening the feeling of inadequacy and powerlessness when the client cannot follow their plan. Being an NLP professional, you will upgrade your knowledge and understanding of the internal health states of your clients and be able to identify their readiness for change; this will contribute to helping you create the most suitable action plan for the stage the client is at.

We will be exploring the NLP Well-being Toolkit through demos and breakout rooms, so you will firstly identify your present well-being state and then be able to facilitate change in the health and well-being of your clients.

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