Corporate Change Work with NLP

 Empowering NLP Professionals Stream – Saturday 29th April @ 09:30am

Some of the NLP tools are perfect for individual change work. But I will share my 10+ years of experience in corporate change work.
NLP is a perfect tool for setting goals both for individuals and for groups in a company.

NLP helps connecting values of employees with their picture of an ideal self in their company which helps in having a smooth and careful development process.  We will also be discussing verbal and non-verbal skills necessary for you to run a successful strategic session as a moderator.

The aim is to have a bag of NLP tools necessary to run a change project in a company, including:
– skill of a goal-setting in a changing environment;
– skill of creating a change path for people in a company;
– skills necessary to run strategic sessions and intense discussions in a corporate environment

Alex Sudarkin

Alex is a business trainer, NLP trainer, psychologist and a coach. As a partner in Pucelik Consulting Group, Alex runs change projects in companies for the last 10+ years. He also teaches a number of courses in the field of communication at the oldest business school on the territory of the former USSR. For more information, please visit

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