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2024 Highlights

Sarah Massey

"I am new to the world of NLP and I want to congratulate you on the community you have built, I am delighted to be part of it. It’s so refreshing for me to be connected with so many kind, knowledgeable and like-minded people. The quality and content from all presenters has been excellent, I want to attend every session! I feel very re-assured and “at home”.

Thank you.

Rakhee Shah

"A massive huge phenomenal thankyou to the team and all the presenters for an outstanding conference. Its been superb and the most awesome thing is - its recorded and can see any sessions we didnt go to - what a bonus! thankyou for all your time and effort - lots of love and best wishes to all"

Lynn McKeown

“A top class conference focusing on leadership, coaching, resilience, collaborations, people development and so much more!

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting other NLP Professionals and prioritising and immersing myself in this community”

Fiona Campbell

“This has been an excellent two days. I learned something new at every talk I attended. Wonderful to see how the world of NLP is growing and developing. Thank you to everyone who put in all the work and effort to make the days run smoothly.”

2023 Highlights

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