Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the NLP International Conference for?

Anyone with NLP training - from NLP Diploma through to NLP Master Trainer.

Can children attend the NLP International Conference?

No. Conference attendance is strictly for individuals aged 18 and over.

Will I receive a physical conference ticket to attend?

No. Access to the Conference will be via the email address you used to purchase your 3-Day Pass.

Can I reserve a seat or book a place on a specific session for the weekend programme?

No. Using the Whova App, you can build your own schedule of those sessions you would like to attend. Please note that the virtual room sizes will be limited for each session on Saturday and Sunday. The virtual room size for the Friday Masterclass is also limited. You are urged to enter the virtual room in good time to make sure you have a place nin the session of your choice.

Are sessions recorded and can I access them all?

Yes! All sessions on all days are recorded by the organisers and will be exclusively available for purchasers of the 3-day pass for a period of 6 months after the Conference has ended.

What is the difference between the Friday Masterclass and the weekend Programme?

The Friday Masterclass is a full day workshop with a specific Keynote Speaker. The programme available on Saturday and Sunday is made up of a variety of sessions across 6 streams which you can choose from. Recordings of all sessions are being made so you can watch all other sessions, including those you attended, as many times as you want to for up to 6 months after the event has ended.

How can I present at the conference?

Each year we have an application process open for presentation proposal submissions. You can submit a proposal here.

Are there any discounts available?

Yes. There are two opportunites to make savings on your conference place. The Super Early Bird offer ends on 28th February and the Early Bird offer ends on 30th April. If you are an ANLP member, you also receive a further 10% discount (only applicable when places are paid for in full).

Can I spread the cost of paying for a conference place ?

Yes, you can pay the initial non-refundable deposit and you will be invoiced for the balance which must be paid before the 31st March 2022. The non-refundable deposit amount varies depending on the prevailing price of the 3-Day Pass (Super Early Bird or Early Bird). Please note that Full Price 3-Day Passes must be paid in full

Can I cancel my conference place?

Yes. You can cancel your place at the conference at any time. All cancellations will be processed in line with our terms and conditions. Please contact us to advise. If you wish to transfer your place to another name, you just need to let us know their name and email address.

How are presenters chosen?

Potential presenters submit a proposal for 1-3 topics. These are collectively assessed using a wide range of different critera, including, availability, expereince, quality of topical content, presentation skill, potential of value to our audeince and any feedback we have received if they have presented at the conference before. We also aim to select a good balance of new and returning presenters.

What about the Virtual NLP Awards?

Usually, the NLP Awards is a seperate event and is run to raise funds for our Partner Charity MIND BLMK. At the VIrtual Conference, you do get to experience the Awards as well. You can find out more about the NLP Awards here.

Are there translations for presentations available?

No. This is an English speaking conference and due to being attended by so many countries and to keep costs affordable for all attendees, we are unable to provide translation of any presentation content.