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This page lists every Presenter since 2021, in alphabetical order by first name.

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Abi Edmunds

Abi started her career in the fitness industry at age 17. Now, Abi has a MSc in Rehabilitation Sciences and is an NLP Trainer. As a Master Coach and NLP trainer, Abi is an expert in helping her clients overcome their limiting beliefs and personal barriers in order to achieve their goals. She uses these skills to drive her performance professionally, whilst helping her clients get the incredible results they want.

Alison Lally

I am a HR professional with over 30 years of experience in corporate environments. I support individuals to realise their potential, and coach leaders to create environments in organisations that enable this. I work with one of just 20 organisations globally that is a preferred provider for the 4-D system used by NASA to build high performing teams.

Aliyah Mohyeddin

Aliyah Mohyeddin is an NLP trainer, relationship coach and conflict resolution mediator. She specialises in assisting individuals and couples to transform their relationships to ones of abundance.

Andrea Bremner

Andrea was a national squad gymnast and has a master�s degree from Loughborough University in Psychology and Physiology. She is a mindfulness and NLP master and a nutritional therapist who specialises in anxiety management. She has worked in the field of mental and physical health for 30 years.

Andrea Dudasko

Andrea�s mission is to unlock new possibilities in your mind and help you see what you have not noticed before. She also loves exploring how technology can simplify our lives.

Andrea Frausin

Andrea Frausin has operated as a performance and behavioural specialist since 1997. Andrea is an international business consultant, trainer and coach, certified trainer of NLP by the three co-founders (Bandler, Grinder and Pucelik) and also author of Guerrilla Time.

Andy Coley

Andy is an experienced NLP Trainer specialising in bringing NLP inhouse into organisations from the NHS through to AAA Gaming studios. Andy has a breadth and depth of making NLP work within businesses.

Anneke Durlinger

As a fellow member trainer in IANLP, Anneke conducts annual IANLP-certified trainers training, Tjoys, training, coaching and consulting. She is an author and has been an NLP trainer since 1995 and involved in NLP since 1987.

Art Giser

Art is the creator of Energetic NLP. His unique background includes being an internationally renowned NLP trainer for 38 years, known for his ability to transform people�s lives.

Bernadette Bruckner

Bernadette works internationally as an intuitive expert in holistic health and business marketing strategy with exceptional methods. She has a PhD in health communication and neuro-psycho linguistics with her own research centre where she creates resilience methods for different groups.

Beth Dawson

Dr Beth Dawson is a highly experienced bilingual communication expert, teacher, coach, speaker and NLP practitioner originally from the UK and currently residing in Paris with her French husband and two teenagers.

Bharti Naik

Bharti Naik is a proactivity coach, INLPTA NLP trainer, parallel entrepreneur, and a professional speaker from India.

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