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A Deeper Dive into Archetypes Transforming Shame into Success

Robbie Steinhouse & Nick Fragkias

The purpose of this talk is to 'breath life' into the heady concept of archetypes so that you can use them practically with NLP and coaching. Archetypes are a popular concept in Dilts & Delozier's 3rd Generation NLP, influenced by the work of Joseph Campbell, Carol Pearson and Stephen Gilligan. Combining Nick and Robbie's models with demonstrations and somatic exercises will provide some deep and powerful insights from their over 50 collective years of teaching.

2022 Conference

A New Theory of Personality

Connirae Andreas

A presentation about the structure of personality, the way the human psyche is organised and the implications for healing and transformation.

2024 Conference

A Sea Change

Lizzi Larbalestier

This session will draw insight from NLP, Blue Mind ethos, the science of mindfulness, mBIT practices and environmental campaigning models. Discover �The Attenborough Effect� through an NLP lens and the role of compassion within change, with some Blue Mind lessons from Jacques Cousteau. This interactive workshop will provide space and inspiration for you to directly influence your professional and social networks in service of our environment and ocean.

2021 Conference

AI vs Human NLP Trainers A Battle or a Boon

Andrea Dudasko

The crux of this presentation lies in exploring how humans can outperform AI. We must understand that AI is primarily about delivering information, it will not come with anything new.

2024 Conference

Accessing Hidden Resources by Engaging Inner Selves

Nishe Patel

Through this session you'll discover how limiting patterns can be interrupted, and eventually dispelled, by engaging inner selves like the inner critic. This creative approach blends elements from depth psychology, NLP, and metaphor landscapes, all within a clear frame that engages the client's imagination.

2022 Conference

Advanced Coaching Techniques

Shelle Rose Charvet

Are you up for honing your verbal and non-verbal intervention skills? Come and try out a few techniques designed by Shelle and honed by you!

2023 Conference

Advanced work with NLP and Health

Phil Parker

This inspiring skill-based workshop, suitable for all levels of NLP experience, will equip you with practical tools to work through your own and others' health issues. Building on your current skill set you will learn a structured approach to health. You will leave with the confidence to apply your skills to a range of health issues.

2021 Conference

Alcohol Free with NLP

Janey Lee Grace

The rise of the 'sober curious' will discuss how perceptions around drinking alcohol are changing. There is a growing trend of people choosing to become 'mindful drinkers' and many calling time on alcohol altogether. Those at 'rock bottom' tend to seek alcohol services aimed at the clinically dependent, but a far greater number of people are actually 'Grey Area Drinkers', people who are drinking more than they want to, but are caught in the Alcohol Trap. You will learn how simple NLP techniques can help you and your clients to understand the importance of mindset, reframe their limiting beliefs and change their relationship with alcohol.

2022 Conference

An Introduction into Trauma-Informed NLP

Ronia Fraser

Learn what being "trauma-informed" really entails. Find out why traditional therapy isn't getting satisfactory results and discover how we can utilise NLP to facilitate effective and lasting recovery from complex trauma (cPTSD).

2024 Conference

Ancient Wisdom for a Happy Life

Ian Pitchford

We will explore how a piece of 2- millennia-old wisdom directly relates to our world today and how the presuppositions of NLP appear to have their roots in this ancient wisdom.

2023 Conference

Awakening Spiritual Intelligence with NLP

Colette Normandeau

Becoming an effective NLP leader is all about awakening and using multiple intelligences. We are aware that cognitive, emotional, somatic, relational, systemic intelligence make a big difference in achieving desired success. What about Spiritual Intelligence? What about increasing our Spiritual Quotient? What generative change could it create in your life, your business and for the world? Let�s be curious and engage in this generative experience TOGETHER. Find out what it means to awaken SI/SQ and come enrich your map by discovering SI best practices.

2022 Conference

Building High Performance Teams the NASA Way

Alison Lally

Following the initial failure of the Hubble Telescope, a project that had cost $1.7billion, the Director of Astrophysics, Dr Charlie Pellerin, developed the 4-D system for building high performing teams to prevent such a failure happening again. This approach is measurable and trackable, delivering 10% or higher improvements year on year. It includes many elements that those of us experienced in NLP will recognise, with some additional highly practical tools and techniques. Come to this session to get an overview of the 4-D system, and to try out some of the tools for yourself.

2022 Conference

Butterfly effect and NLP

Bernadette Bruckner

"How real is reality?" once Paul Watzlawick, an Austrian, asked and yet if we get to know the concepts of timeline, of non-linear phenomenon, we might get a clue that we have more than one reality where we think, act and create. What if the "butterfly effect" works and every time we choose either out of intentions, thinking and/or acting, somewhere else is changing with our decisions too? Can we handle living out of time and space? If so, how would you live your life now? Can we change our past, our future and our now? How real is YOUR reality, if you dare to choose beyond what you know accessing and using your full consciousness!

2022 Conference

Can Models and Theories Co-Exist

Robbie Steinhouse

This session will help you address the philosophical and psychological questions that naturally arise during NLP trainings and sessions. Many of the models in NLP are influenced by established psychological approaches, yet these are strangely hidden. How can you use these ideas to give your presentations and sessions more impact? This session will also help you to frame NLP processes and the presuppositions using principles from transactional analysis, existential psychotherapy and other psychotherapeutic approaches.

2021 Conference

Change Your Questions

Bernadette Bruckner

Asking good questions is essential when working with clients. Working with energies and consciousness based on the subconscious knowledge is another way of clearing and healing topics which might be not so easy to discover. If you change your questions, you can change your consciousness about what else is possible in coaching and therapy!

2021 Conference

Changing the Stuff in your Head

Marilou Seavey

The words in your head can divide and limit, or they can be used to unite and empower. Mastering your thoughts is an actual skill. It involves developing a realistic and optimistic mental filter and strategy. How you think is reflected in each and every word you use. If you want to know how someone thinks about life, listen to the language they use.

2021 Conference

Coding in the moment

Caitlin Walker

As NLPers, we are already applying codes during conversations. But, are we making best use of the incredible predictive powers we have by applying codes and responding accordingly? Even more importantly, are we teaching the team to self-code, and develop a sustainable resource when we aren�t there? This session is about making coding conscious for yourself and bringing it into the awareness of your clients.

2021 Conference

Combining NLP with Spiritual Principles and Energy Work

Art Giser

NLP is an amazing and effective system for personal growth and development. And like any other system, it has its limitations. Spiritual principles and working with the human energy system also are powerful systems for change that have their own limitations. When you combine all three systems you are able to go far beyond what you can do with any of the systems on their own. You will learn simple ways to combine NLP techniques with these other techniques to get even better results for your clients and for yourself. And it will be easy and fun!

2022 Conference

Complex Meta Programming Understanding Patterns of Purpose

Marc McDermott

Would you like to know how a person processes information inside themselves, so that you can predict their behaviours and actions based on their thought processes, without mind reading or guessing?

2024 Conference

Confidence Calling How NLP can unlock your self belief

Nicole Greenfield-Smith

Confidence and competence is a powerful mix. But why do so many of us lack confidence, even when there is countless evidence to the contrary? How do you put yourself out there when the thought fills you with dread? How can you push past the inner critic to let yourself shine? How do you communicate with confidence when you feel like jelly inside? And ultimately, how can you help your clients do the same?

2022 Conference

Connecting to the body wisdom

Wendy Sullivan & Paul Field

As coaches we ask for outcomes - but how do clients know if they're accessing what they really want or what they 'think' they want? Many things prevent us from even being aware of our authentic needs, let alone voicing them. However, when we go directly to the body, to our felt-sense, it's possible to quickly discover the intricate ways we override ourselves, and start to uncover our genuine desires.

2022 Conference

Creating Authentic Community

Robert Dilts & Ian McDermott

As NLP trainers and institute founders, we have experienced the importance, power and benefits of creating authentic community. We would like to share with you what we�ve learned about how to do this.

2024 Conference

Creation Cycle

Richard Bolstad

Experience and use an integrated body-mind model of personality differences; Learn 3 ancient Chinese meditations utilizing multiple core NLP skills at once; Use researched techniques to alter your brain state and create abundant energy; Tap into the natural cycles of change in your body-mind; Integrate what NLP calls “core states” to deepen their experience beyond expectations.

2025 Masterclass

Crisis and the Wheel of Change

Richard Bolstad

In the past almost all models of change have been developed as if one coaching or consulting style fits all clients. In this workshop you�ll learn how to quickly assess where your client is up to in the �wheel of change� and identify what practical interventions would help move them to the next stage. You�ll learn how to use this model helping people recover from major social trauma such as war, tsunami and pandemic. You�ll also understand how to use the model to support positive social change, harnessing NLP to help create a better world.

2022 Conference

Deep Learning

Joe Cheal

Let's start with you - because you know what it's like to attend training courses and presentations. As a member of the audience, consider for a moment the difference between those that really engaged you and those that really didn't. This could be the difference between 'deep learning' and 'flat learning' (one-way and/or screen led). Deep learning means starting with the audience's experience and working out from there to new information. Use the group mind to open neural pathways and create a platform... and then build from there. Deep learning starts with the learner. The deep learning approach uses the collective intelligence in the room, not just a single source. As the presenter/trainer, you continue to learn from others, both in their real-world examples and in their approaches to handling situations. In this session, you and Joe will explore different approaches to audience engagement and develop even more learning strategies!

2022 Conference

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