Influencing and Presenting from the Stage

 Advanced NLP Stream – Saturday 29th April @ 09:30am

Ever wanted to use psychology and linguistics to increase your persuasiveness when you present and influence your audience’s beliefs?

Most people are unaware of their own below-conscious language and behaviour patterns — and if they are not what your audience wants to see and hear, you can inadvertently diminish your impact. Find out why and how you can disrupt the normal stage patter and discover how to use language differently to change your participants’ expectations and response.

Key Strategies:

  • What to say or not say to have the impact you want
  • Learn how to identify what each audience needs from you
  • How to use space and time to take people on a journey
  • Learn how to convince, even the most skeptical people

This is an interactive session where you have the opportunity to test out different strategies for yourself, right on the spot.

In this interactive program, participants will have the opportunity to learn & practice:

• Strategies for changing beliefs during a presentation.
• Includes establishing rapport and credibility with small and large groups.
• Pacing and Leading with combinations of LAB Profile® patterns.

Shelle Rose Charvet

Shelle Rose Charvet is a short business consultant, specializing in LAB Profile® applications to business and personal problems, customer experience and airplane jokes. And she just became a Bubbie (Yiddish for Grandma) for the second time.

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