Beach Wisdom – NLP in the Littoral Zone

NLP Extensions StreamSunday 30th April @ 16:30pm

This session will explore how our environment intersects a range of NLP techniques.

Beach Wisdom – The coast as a metaphor – activity – what can we learn at the midpoint of a continuum… noticing the littoral zone within a number of meta-programmes

Space and state: Location and attention restoration. Location and stress reduction

Breathe Blue – The breath and its role within NLP and mBraining

1) Understanding the link between NLP, mBraining and environmental psychology to encourage a greater awareness of the role environment holds when facilitating change.
Through discussion and exploration we will extend the potential that environment holds for the NLP Practitioner – specifically looking into…
• Perspective
• Ambiguity Leverage
• Status and Awe

2) Real-time symbolic modelling – Encouraging a more creative approach to applying NLP techniques through the use of location specific metaphor

Through shared examples and exercises we will sharpen Practitioner skills to spot metaphor and create in-the-moment analogy

3) Subtle nuances – breath, body and location awareness taken to the next level

We will share what are we looking for when outdoor coaching? How can we utilise location to deepen client exploration, prompt our intervention, shift their energy and deepen learning

This is an interactive session aimed to stretch any perceived traditional NLP coaching boundaries

Lizzi Larbalestier

Lizzi is an ICF:PCC Executive Coach with an MA in Coaching. She works within coastal locations to facilitate leadership coherence and ambiguity leverage, with emphasis upon: meaningful interactions, systems ecology and purposeful action. An NLP Trainer, mBIT Trainer / Master Coach and ANLP Regional Ambassador she blends NLP with Neuro-Conservation.

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