The Heart of NLP

Personal Empowerment Stream – Sunday 30th April @ 09:30am

Becoming a healthy, happy, skillful, dynamic, professional communicator is the art we all strive for. Sometimes it is not easy to ‘put to work’ inside of us the jewels we help other people develop in their lives. Insight is not simple. We are seldom our own best observers. Sooooo, how does it work, or perhaps, how do “I” work?
What are the signals we receive when we are ‘lost’ to our patterns?
What are the mental exercises we can use?
Can it be fun, can it be automatic?
What are the ‘hooks’ that sabotage our good intentions?
How do we help/stop the ‘raging lion’ in us?
Hello ‘Mom’. Are you enjoying my head?
Whose head is on my neck?
Observe, observe, observe. (The world is outside your head)
During this training we will; learn and practice skill sets, learn to recognize the signals when we lose choice (become robots to the patterns from the past), learn and practice the internal patterns that drive our beneficial, consistent self-development, and free ourselves from the hidden patterns that stop us from being the calm, centered, super person we all have inside. We might even have some fun during the process. You will be discussing, learning, and building the ‘Heart of NLP’.

Frank Pucelik

Frank Pucelik – business-trainer of international renown, is on the list of Top-100 US business-trainers (according to Organizational Development Institute of USA) and is one of the three founders of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the author of a number of books on psychology and articles on personnel management, motivation andwork with information.

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