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The Association for NLP

Our vision is that people all over the world will live more empowered lives thanks to the positive impacts of NLP and that NLP will be even more accepted as a credible, valued, mainstream tool for personal, organisational and educational development.


Our mission is to be the Global Flagbearers for Professional NLP. This means that within the NLP Community, we will enhance and grow our reputation as the independent and impartial voice of NLP, fair and unbiased, professional and respectful.  We are creating a spirit of unity and co-operation within the NLP Community, whilst abiding by the philosophy and presuppositions of NLP and support our members to practice their NLP in a professional, ethical and congruent way.


We promote our Members via their ANLP website profile, social media and magazines and the general public are safe in the knowledge that each Member’s certification has been checked and that they work within the ANLP Code of Ethics for their profession.


Be part of our vision and mission. Join ANLP today.

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