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2021 Kris Hallbom - Recipe for a miracle

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Are you or someone you know, dealing with a serious life or health challenge that seems completely overwhelming and out of control? If so, then you won't want to miss this information packed program, where you'll learn 25 different things you can do to quickly turn around or improve almost any life challenging situation... In June of 2011, Kris Hallbom received some devastating news from her doctor about her health and a condition that could be life threatening. Kris and her husband, Tim worked for 16 days straight using a variety of NLP techniques, hypnosis and other processes – with the ongoing goal of reversing her scary diagnosis. Today, Kris is the healthiest she has been in over 20 years. Join Kris as she shares her amazing health journey and learn what she did to turn her absolutely worst-case scenario into their best-case scenario. During this fast paced session, you will also learn how to build your own "emergency response" template for effectively dealing with any serious health or life challenge in yourself, your loved ones and your clients.

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2021 Kris Hallbom

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