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2022 Andrea Frausin - Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches and Trainers

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You worked so hard to learn NLP, practice NLP, develop the core skills of NLP, you are able to facilitate important changes in people are still not happy about your business, the numbers and the quality of your clients. If this is your situation, if you want more from your NLP practice from a business perspective this presentation is for you. NLP Master Trainer Andrea Frausin will share what he learned directly from the father of modern marketing, Jay Conrad Levinson, and applied into his NLP business since 2010. Jay Levinson, created Guerrilla Marketing, the marketing designed for people and businesses with big dreams and small budgets, giving the possibility to small business to win the battle in the market and raise the profits.

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2022 Andrea Frausin

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2022 Conference Forum

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