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2022 Sarah Frossell & Hilly Raphael - Healing Lives with NLP - Co-researching Recovery

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You will learn about how we worked with people suffering from ME/Chronic Fatigue and Fybromyalgia to co-research pathways to rebuilding their lives, how we found a few people who had, after many years recovered from this dis-ease, how they became our role models for recovery. You may want to work on your own issues of healing; the mind-body connection initially; you may want to learn more about facilitating similar groups of your own. What you will discover, something you already know, while those collaborating with us had been seeking a way forward for years as they worked in the group with us and with each other, they discovered that they did indeed have all the resources they needed to stimulate their own body-minds into complete recovery.

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2022 Sarah Frossell & Hilly Raphael

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2022 Conference Forum

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