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NLP International Events
Lifetime Access

Why do you offer Lifetime Access?

You said...we did!! Feedback from previous conferences asked for longer access to recordings. So we've worked out how to do this using the resources available to us and we are delighted to be able to offer lifetime access to all recordings in future.

What is Lifetime Access?


Lifetime access means you can now access the recordings from any event that you have attended (and which included a recording at the time) for streaming.


Lifetime access does mean for the lifetime of the NLP International Conference long as the company continues to operate, and/or the website is live and/or the website provider (Wix) continues to support the tools used to deliver these services, then lifetime access to the recordings will be available.


You will be notified of any changes that affect your streaming access.

How do I get Lifetime Access to stream my purchase(s)?

Initially, we will be working on granting lifetime access to all previous delegates from the 2021 - 2024 conferences. Previous delegates at these events will be sent an email invitation and instructions of how to get lifetime access to these previous recordings.

Moving forward, any event which is being live streamed or recorded will come with lifetime access to the recordings. This means that on registration/purchase of a masterclass/recording, you are automatically allocated lifetime access and can stream the videos you have registered for at any time.

What if I wasn't a previous delegate in 2021 - 2024?

Watch this space!


We are currently exploring ways of making these recordings available to those who didn't attend live at the time. To maintain fairness to those who originally purchased a conference ticket, there will be a fee for accessing these collections. 

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