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Why attend the NLP International Conference?


The short answer is 'because its really great value for money'!! See details below...

Of course, this is as well as having an opportunity to meet people from the global NLP community.  Delegates and presenters from over 40 countries from the 6 largest continents have attended the Conference since 2017 (we've yet to meet an NLP-certified native from Antarctica...).

The NLP International Conference brings the community together to share their learnings and ideas and to strengthen the community bonds, empowering us all to take NLP out onto the world.

What are the International Conference events?

The NLP International Conference runs over one weekend in May every two years (biennial), with a series of live NLP seminars and workshops.  These sessions are recorded and are NOT live streamed.  

​When you purchase a ticket to the biennial NLP International Conference, you get


  • 2 days of live presentations at the conference venue, with daytime refreshments included.

  • Complimentary access to the 20 Live Virtual Masterclasses delivered over the same two year period (eg a 2026 conference ticket gives you access to the 2025 & 2026 Live Virtual Masterclasses)

  • Lifetime access* to the 20 Masterclass recordings AND recordings from the NLP Conference itself.

Tickets are limited and will be offered on a first come, first served basis. The Super Early Bird rate runs until October in the year prior to the conference taking place.

How do I attend the NLP International Conference?

The International Conferences can be attended by anyone who is 18 years and over and has received NLP training.   (As a minimum, you must have a certificate for a Diploma/Introduction to NLP).  To attend, simply visit the Upcoming Events page and book your place.

If you pay via PayPal, you even have the opportunity to spread the cost...

What happens if I do (or don't) attend the Conference?

Ahh, only you can know what opportunities might await you at the conference. In past years, curiosity has been ignited, new friendships have formed, old friendships have been rekindled and business opportunities have grown...

Just check out the testimonials and galleries to get a inkling of what happens at the conference!

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