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NLP Festivals offer a unique opportunity to connect with experts in the field and gain valuable insights into the future of NLP. From hands-on workshops to asking the experts, these events are all about community and collaboration. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, attending an NLP festival is a must for anyone interested in this exciting and rapidly evolving field.

Why attend NLP Festivals?

Each NLP Festival is unique and exclusive, limited to a maximum of 100 people to engender a warm and relaxed environment to give the best opportunity for an exchange of thoughts, opinions, stories and experiences. 


Preference will be given to local/national presenters where possible allowing the culture and traditions to become part of spirit of the Festival.... and you can be there too...

Connect with your peers, communicate and collaborate with those around you, in surroundings designed to promote connection and creativity.  International delegates are welcome too and are encouraged to join in with the cultural roots of the local and national community.

What are the NLP Festivals?

NLP Festivals are one day events, run at least once a year and hosted by NLP Events, often in collaboration with local or International Ambassadors.  They will be individually designed to have a local/national focus to support the local/national community. 

We currently have an NLP Festival planned for 2025 in Nottingham, England with further festivals in India and Ireland in the planning stages...  Please check the Upcoming Events page on this website for more information! 


The Festivals are designed to be affordable and accessible with the aim of connecting the NLP Communities, both locally and internationally. 

Festivals may include a variety of presentations and other opportunities that are particularly suited to the local/national audiences.


Please note that the NLP Festival sessions are NOT recorded and are NOT streamed.  

How do I attend an NLP Festival?

Simply go to the Upcoming Events page and select the festival you wish to attend. More details about each festival can be found on their specific event page. 

Your ticket will be emailed to you...remember to bring it with you as this will be your proof for entry on the day.

What if I am unable to attend the NLP Festival in person?

The NLP Festivals are LIVE, IN-PERSON ONLY events.  This means that, if you are unable to attend in person, you will miss it!  

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