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NLP Live Virtual Masterclasses are a fantastic way to enhance your learnings and personal development. With expert presenters and engaging content, there are many opportunities to explore new developments within the field of NLP.  Whether you're a business professional, coach or just interested in personal growth, NLP masterclasses can support you in achieving your full potential.

Why attend the Live Virtual Masterclass(es)?

As the Live Masterclasses are all delivered virtually, these are a fantastic option if you are unable to attend the NLP Conference.


Each Live Virtual Masterclass explores it's subject matter in as much detail as the time allows (between 2 hours and 6 hours).  These sessions are interactive, giving you a platform for learning and development with the experts and the opportunity to take away practical tips and insights for your work and/or personal development.

What are the Live Virtual Masterclasses?

A series of ten (10) live, practical presentations delivered virtually by a range of presenters, focused on a particular topic, concept, technique, strategy or innovation in NLP.  The Masterclasses range from 2 to 3 hours with one annual 6 hour session and are scheduled monthly from February to December (with a break in August). 

How do I access the Live Virtual Masterclasses?

You can either purchase individual Live Virtual Masterclasses or purchase the whole collection in advance.


Please note: If you purchase a ticket to the biennial NLP International Conference, you get complimentary access to the 20 Live Virtual Masterclasses delivered over the same two year period (eg a 2026 conference ticket gives you access to the 2025 & 2026 Masterclass collections).

What if I miss one of the Live Virtual Masterclasses?

If you miss a session or cannot attend live, its OK. All Live Virtual Masterclasses come with lifetime access* to the recording, which will be made available within 2 weeks of the live event. 

*Subject to our Terms and Conditions

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